meet billy, 17, a child by a New type of Labour

This is a moment in time,
a snapshot,
arm languidly dropped round the shoulders of my fair lady,
a Wendy or an Emma,
“this one’s a goer, I tell ya,” told by meat head Steve,
cold walk home, post pubescent party, half 11…
oh fuckin hell, chip shop heaven,
steaming burgers and shit warm the offal of my farts,
eat, chat, slurp, quick snap.
back to slurred predictions drifting to a virginity lost,
at what cost?
naa fuck that man,
I’m a nihilist and I’m pissed,
I’m a hedonist and I’m fed up of this constant snagging nag from the responsibilities of tomorrow,
cos I dunno why to care,
I dunno what I am, I dunno what I can,
what I’m gonna be, what I could, what I should,
its funner to just plunge into fun,
to be deaf, blind and dumb,
pinging like pinballs, gizzards full of booze,
living with a pulse of a drum,
lynxed up noones dancing away their nights,
and ill blindly join in, get along just fine,
live for a moment in time,
This is a snapshot of my life.


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