Hi im tom, im 22 tho and i live in sutton which was voted the most normal place in england. its just outside london but also counts as london, weird eh???? i have a mum and a dad and i went to school once and i have hair and a mouth and a brain which i guess is all pretty normal

please have a look at what i write. i dont mind if its rubbish or if you think its rubbish. this is just an outlet really because im well bored and it gives me something to do and enjoy and a reason to create which is all so lovely!!!

probably good to be aware that all of the stuff i write i mostly character based and generally either a work of fiction or an extension of the opinions and feelings i have, so don’t think this is a large self-portrait of me. in a way though, it is a bit like a puzzle of lots of bits of my life, especially the things i see and the circumstances i experience.

i like berkoff, john cooper clarke, ian dury, jamie t, betjeman, spike milligan, ian mcewan aaaaannndddd lester bangs (obviously).




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