ur boring get used to it

Half cut, half spent, half heaven sent in the gents, 50 cent, in da club, in da bar, am i in mars? catch my breath in tar, having fun is hard, having fun is hard

That sounds nice but through barred teeth I admit its not me now,

Chow down on the realisations rattling round my brain:

You’re not the same

Love’s an end game,

Club’s are always a shame,

My lion, with its heartshaped mane, firy crown, roars heartache to an earless town,

He’s lame,

Might aswell be tame,

I’m lame,

Pretty much tame

Anachronism, 80s television, third way myopisism, liberal utopianism, led zep are brilliant, the smart phone is a villain, 12 pence in a shilling, if I met the it-man, I’d imagine I’d kill him, I’ll never be the it-man, which is just as well, cos I’d kill him


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