Hsksisj:hnxkddi,, :&84: :)/hgkhj jsjdvd d,   ksjsjskala cccoofkfkdkkdk

Caaaa.s.s…..ntntbbtbt wrfiifittddfeee,,.,., whhhygyyyyyyyyyuyyyyyy not???+/? I mmm mnpot drunbhhkkiii ,-,-/-/// iiiiiiiii saaaaannmmmmm kjussdt wwewuithin ft he ddsepthds fpofffff hell hell hell

I’ll tell you whats what

Hells not hot, its cold

Its a block, block of ice

With my body frozen in it,

Anything nice suspended like christ on the cross,

Tryna cross tees,

with fingers froze in the freeze,

Is impossible

Fires feels far away,

In Another place, tomorrow, yesterday,

They’ve flamed, They’ll splay and spit without mercy, burning me, burning you

Teeth will clamp shut tight, fists will fight, throats will cry, flesh will bubble, skin will tear, there’ll be sweat, life and death, I’ll swear, I swear the night’s sterile dark will run away into daylight, daylight, daylight, climb, clamber, unhampered, unhindered, release me, release me,

But no but no because right now the cold is everywhere

I’m trying to gasp for oxygen

Trying gag at the tastelessness on my tongue to cry

Trnmying to sss.mile

Trgguhying tytto4 oooshiveerr

Tr….r..y…yyiiingngn tr..f.gtiing trddying trttoooppp B.bbreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sossm6eeon.,,,,,,e

Haaiosohbdurijr…)£83′._)£usdhsh):866/all njkkkkkkss……..,,  .      :::£qqqqq199$]$>{¥¥¥¥njdouubbtkievve

Grab a pint or three with g, he’s a g,

cant you see mate, you’re more than alright, you’re great

But I hate, how I hate, I hate it all, I feel nothing at all, all’s awful, all the present does is mourn for a dead past, a terminal future, paralysed paralysed,

But its not dying, its not dying, what else is there but trying, plying a trade, laying down slates of concrete for the middle-aged middle-class,

A farce! surely?!, a boring existence, a life for fools and horses trawling up to never-near, always-far, relentlessly hard

Of course its a farce but you’ll be laughing all the way to the grave as long as you know you’re okay, you’re good, you you you

Me me me, I I I, self self self

Yeah and help yourself

I can only play the cards ive been dealt, dealt myself, friends with parasitic mental health, cowering like children under the shadow of wealth, being beaten by a belt held by a headmaster with an instagram smirk, diamond-plated teeth, donald trumps wig, Kim Kardashians arse, eyes which burn harsh and green as money, green as envy, skin that flickers the Technicolor vomit of the telly

But you’re a man, a man, be a man, damn damn god damn, damn god, he’s too busy plotting to take note of your plan, cmon cmon cmon tom, for fuck sake come on, fuck him, fuck his grin, fuck him

Yeah fuck him

And fuck them too

Its all me

Its all you

Stay free, stay free, drink this with me, we’ll clash with the crowds, we’re out on the town, we’ll burn it fucking down

to a cinder


A new day and my phone tells me its warmer

I’m wearing last nights tshirt still

I sniff it but the acrid smell of last night doesn’t pang my nostrils

I reach under and put my fingers in my armpit but they’re not dampened by sweaty syrup

I go to move

But the sheet.s stick to me like plahhster

Lghike a vip?scous sno,,//w

Wih_jyhbgt6676/////sh no hdis@@@@<$<$]|¥¥¥¥hhhgaqqpzxviwhe no ahaia¿¿¿¿:-):-):-):&;:3+iwb no I wont, I wont, I wont

Instead I’ll read back on these words I wrote

And feel the heat of the anger they seethe

Instead I’ll read back on these words I wrote

And melt, and melt, and melt the freeze


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