Im gonna let down my hair,

but it’s a thursday,

but I don’t care it’s someone’s birthday, the mirth makes up for weekday headaches,

who’s is it?

Its err err what’s hisher name, err, err, erring on the side of debauchery, forcibly throwing away caution into a mellower breeze than the slipstream of wind we travel in: hot like steam, from a mindrotting trot to galloping dreams, a team, a gang, of post-teen freaks and queens, posers and thieves, cherubims and sweetpeas, all for one and all are one and all for none and all are none, all trawling all yawning, all flying all excited up the m1, m6, m4, door to door, town to town,

hello you alright come in sit down,

how are you?

When we going out?

How’s it all going?

When we going out?

Do you like my new shirt, its ralph?

Yeah that’s great when we going out? When we hitting the town? I wanna fly about and shout loud and hear the echo rebound of bricks so I can picture the buildings like a bat, like a vampire getting fat on the blood of this city, my teeth are to be the ones that hath bit into this place’s veins, tasted the taste of its gritty, shitty, pissy liquid lifeline, and so do you, I know you, you’re like me, you wanna consume, consume, fill the empty rooms of your mind with the rich seconds of a night, all rumbling stomachs, we’re a gang with vangs that hang ready to sink, we’re a gang with brains ready to think hand in hand with the anarchy of drink, drugs, love, lust, we’re a gang, we’re a group, we’re a troup

Roll up, roll up, read all about it, gang of adultchildren with with roll ups roll up to the highstreet and rape and pillage the village for all its got

This is war that rages as ferocious as hell is hot

Let’s do a shot, let’s down a pint, let’s go wrong, let’s go inside this gaff on the right, might dab this, shit burns my gums, let’s chew our tongues, let’s grind this bum, god this is fun, so fun, so fucking fun, don’t hum but scream back the chorus to this song, I grab a girl and we snog like it’s the last day of the world, naaah fuck her, lets go, that house party is just getting started, let’s call a guy, you know a guy who can supply our demand, narcotic freakonomics, its 60 for two, that’ll do, so white it’s almost blue, my shoes muddy the carpet, the smoke ruddies the white of my eyes that can still be seen even in this darkness, this place can’t be heartless, must have lungs, cos the beat pumps, heaves so strong, so strong, we’re so strong, we’re so sexy, I know how to solve brexit and trump and all of life’s mysteries, the present just nullifies all the pain of history, I ain’t seen you ages, were you missing me? I guess you must have been because now you’re tongue’s kissing me, lets dance, caste away the claustrophobia of class and ambition with the sweet rotation of our hips, pelvis like an anvil, elvis was a handful, ask priscilla, but I’m a fist, we’re a fist, we’re a killer blow, I’m in a gang you know, we have fangs that hang down low, wait, shit, where you going, where’s she gone, no worries I’ll find harry, I’ll find tom, where’s that dick gone? Have you seen kate? Have you seen lucy?

I think they’ve all gone mate


Yeah they left about an hour ago, are you okay?

No I’m not bloody okay, out my way, upstairs, bedroom, bedroom, my panic is a sadistic estate agent, toilet, downstairs, living room kitchen, showing round my feardrenched face,

gotta find em, where am I? Shit. Shit shit shit. I have no idea what to do

Get an uber.

To where? Bollocks, I wish I cared to remember who’s house I said I’d stay at, now im a rat, down in the sewer, scurrying, looking for scraps to chew, a hole to hide in but there’s people everywhere, they all have the same hair, the same glazed glare,


I’m jim,

I thought him was jim,

nope that’s tim 

Fuck fuck fuck

Where’s the gang? Where’s the gang? 

all for one and all are one but but but

all for none and all are none and all for none and all are none and all for one and all are none and I for one are all for none

Im hungry


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