what’s yours is mine (sportswear punk)

If I am what I think
Then I couldn’t tell ya
If I am what I drink
Then I guess that I’m just Stella
If I get blue
I’ll be sure to bell ya
If you’re all heart
My crying line will surely melt ya
To say the smooth outweighs the rough
Would be to bluff
Would be to double bluff
I’m sipping rum out of a mug
Is that enough?
It don’t seem enough

Life’s a bitch and then you die
That’s why we say hi
To friend on the weekend
That pun was Nasty, just ignore me
Oh em gee! You’re so meta! You’re so clever
Nah just bored and at the end of my tether
Cos when days are as blank as my bank account
You delve into a familiar mind
And discover jarring half-rhymes,
Arrhythmic lines,
Fluctuating time,
Hate-crashed parties,
Discordant harmonies which you try and resolve
But that’s in vain:
The sportswear punk’s cold heart
Is a plastic that won’t mould
The who?
The kid’s who wanna/don’t wanna die before they get old
The kids who don’t need to sell their soul

Maybe that’s just me
I’ve been seething since I was teething
Punching the ceiling since I was breathing
But I’m not convinced I’m the only one
The idea doesn’t satisfy
Because I see the gunpowder in your eyes
Can smell the salt of tears you cry
Blurring your vision so you’re blissfully blind
Recognise the life you’re trying to find
What’s yours is mine
What’s yours is mine
And together we’ll be fine
Together we’ll be alright


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