I’ve never felt so stupid
Even though I’ve never known so much
I can regurgitate stats and facts regarding a German attack made in 1943,
the narrative of a documentary about a 70s celebrity  i watched last night on tv,
But what about me?
What’s gonna happen to tommy b?
To my family?

I can predict getting pissed on friday at a house party with my friends,
That the tenancy of my new house will end in 52 weeks,
That I’ll weep at some point and laugh at another,
That I’ll spit distasteful, empty words of hate at a mate
That I’ll fall head over heels for a girl,
But what about the world?
It feels impossible to escape a fate coloured by the dark of doom,
Impossible to see through an endless gloom.

All my friends are depressed because they don’t know end they’re striving for,
Not sure what they are
And it’s so terrifying
Scrabbling for rhyme
Clawing out for some concept of time
That would be nice
Memes memes love love love drugs cigarettes clothes cigarettes fucking beauty christmas christmas christmas itv plus one the flaming lips hedonism love art suffering croissants croissants virtue magaluf truth amorality sin toilet-roll humanity


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