Dissatisfaction in the key of A

Let me explain a thought train:

In a car being battered by rain
A headphone singer sings about dissatisfaction again
And im the same
We’re the same
Another droplet in the wave
Another flicker in the flame
Another name
Lets be saved
By memories of brighter days
Of dreams of a sunny fate
Of fame
Take me away from this place on a plane
All inclusive in spain
South east asia holiday
London 1968
New York 1928
Getting paid
Getting laid
Love made
Demonstrate disdain against the state
Rail against the failings of dodgy dave, old lady may
Delicious dinner on a plate
Go out celebrate a mates birthday
Spaced, laced off my face
Waviest fashion taste
Pray on a sunday of being saved beyond the grave
Gods grace
Pretty Painting in the tate
but I cant escape the doubt, that its all fake all flimsy all whimsy, a shame
How great
Heart break
Head aches
Half insane
Naaah save face
Save face
Dont fight what can’t be changed
Save face
Grit out the shit
Go with the grain
Forget the names easily blamed
Brave face
Brave face
Brave face


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