hapless harry and becca the bewitching

The silence is violent

I’m thinking how we’ve grown together

We’re walking home alone together

Your red lipstick was always quick to make eyes sit solely with a view to you

and tonight they’re rouge

they’re ruby

tonight we got groovy, boozy

it was like you remembered you knew me when your hazel-greens gleamed sanguine and saccharine, they said:

Look back at me

less than politely inviting yourself to reside in my mind for an indefinite length of time

sigh, its alright, it’s so late in the night that it’s almost day and in the cold light of morning i’m sure this will be just another sentence in our long story

chapter one, boy meets girl, falls in love and then some

chapter two, she does too, she told me

three, she realises its not meant to be

four, she’s gone, out the door and i’m left to guess what to do next, suck it up, late night text: did i fuck up? shut up harry, it’s finished okay? alright?

chapter five is tonight.i haven’t read it but i can guess how it ends, you’ll send me trotting back home as “just friends” with the mocking moisture of a sexless peck on my cheek

Steady! Stumble, Slip, Trip, You fall into my side, slide to the ground, howling

Jesus, I’m pissed-er than i thought, help me up

Fuck, are you okay? Yeah becca, of course

Bend leg, Stretch arm, Grab hand, Lock fingers

lingering sense of longing

Pull up, Contract, Staighten back, your legs try their best not to bend, your hairs a mess now, you brush it down, breathe out and look up to me

our eyes lock like in a romcom, my heart drums an off-beat as i dare to stare into the eyes of this pretty woman like i always tell myself not to

but sometimes i’ve just got to

it’s like a spell

bloody hell

stop looking back

and just like that,

she does

turns and goes to leave with a smile in her cheeks

shall i follow?

yeah, yeah i wanna know what happens


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