Me me me me me me me, no

Tweedle dum, just tweedle me, on

Hands and knees, I beg thee, please,

Download my perfect face for free,

I’m pretty, I’m pretty pretty,

You need to see, you must agree,

It’s not about them us or me,

It’s me me me not you but me


My collagen, is popping some,

To sculpt my sumptuous lips

My sleek legs reach up to touch

My plump, African hips

Nah, scrap that, I’m white trash

Drink to die by 21,

I have fun, fast food for lunch,

And quinoa made by mum

Quick quick quick, please take some pics,

Of me, my friends and me

In between best mate and bae,

Squad goals, anxiety

When you see them, her and he,

Do you think I’m ugly?

Don’t look at them, him or she,

Just at me, not you, but me


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