Ralphy cap, falls off skateboard, naughty boy

Mood right now: binge watching in my room

Nosering, micro-fringe, delicate bone structure

Bikini babe, blue cocktail, blue lagoon

Face-swapped a baby and an inanimate object

Big lips, hair sleek, big lashes, eyebrows fleek,

My dinner is this salad, health, lifestyle,

Squad assembling at nandos, chicken, cheeky cheek

Did the news mention that 500 blacks were murdered today?

That 1000 gay people were called fag?

The tories are bastards because they sold the NHS

Sign this petition or you’re bad

Dream job: stroking my pug all day

Two young men kiss passionately in black and white

Feasting on meat feast cos pizza is bae

Tattoos, weed, vegan, gamer, can’t sleep at night

Picture of dead rock god and a truth he foretold

Skepta and ketamine and my little pony

Its dat boi oh shit waddup

This is really fun, no moaning, no groaning generation me


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