THIS IS IT version 2

when do you go?

I dunno, tomorrow or something,

one drink, two drink

I’ve packed the kitchen sink, might not fit in my new flat

ill come up to your halls one Saturday,


yeah wont fuss, won’t stress, megabus, national express, up the fuckin m1 just to see my best mate

that sounds great

yeah sounds great…

hows it going at work?

could be worse

when does your new wage come through?

not a clue, end of the month or something,

three drink, four, one more?

sure fella,

two stellas please,

I guess we’ll have these and then we’ll say goodbye

part ways into an empty night,

it’s gonna be alright, isn’t it?

yeah mate, yeah, it’ll be fine


I’m next to the place my dad watched his son grow

The only home I’ve ever known

Im lying like a foetus in the middle of the road

Trying to stick to it like Velcro

Pretend the ground is a crisp white sheet

The curb a pillow

Trying to wrap up in the orange streetlight glow

But the light is nothing more than a bland sodium dribble

The tarmac is black

The concrete is cold

But I dare not stand back up

Because Im terrified of the blankness of the long night approaching

My nostrils curl at the hollow scent of autumn encroaching

Ah fuck im 20

This is it

What the fuck am I doing?

A 20 year old boy throwing a tantrum

Haunting himself with childhood’s ghosts, yesterday’s phantoms

There’s more to life than this

Hope is a solace


I stand back up

Hope is a solace

Lip so stiff its tough

And I look down my road to the sleepy houses

Rows of homes dwindling into an empty dream

And I paint a scene of blue and greens

Of gold and silver with smells heady and sweet

Oh fuck I’m 20

But hope is a solace

Oh fuck I’m 20

This is it


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