punk 2015

Don’t want a job
Fuck university
Sitting on a tube
Zone 4 to zone 1
Fuck that
Career opportunities can suck my nut
Got an exam next week
I’ve got crippling ambition
not using it
should use it
What the fuck am I doing
What the fuck am I doing here
Fucking coca cola
Adidas nike jp morgan pret a manger
Fucking isis
David Cameron Jeremy corbyn
I wanna be great but don’t know how I can be
Tumblr Instagram facebook
Pictures are shit
Selfies are shit
Fuck old people
Fuck young people
Dance music
House every weekend
Drugs on the weekend
Get drunk to forget who you are
Why you are
Have a laugh
To laugh is an indulgence
A fleeting escape
Listening to the clash
Wish it was the 70s
Write an angry song get a record deal
Be ugly go bald hairy chest rotten teeth
doesn’t matter
real emotion
wheres that got to don’t know
no one reads the words I write
no one is interested
if they pretend they are its to fulfil some pretension
art is for wankers
fuck art
fashion is horrible
being cool is crippling
beyonce is like god
omnipotent, omnipresent
beyonce doesn’t care
beyonce doesn’t shit
beyonce is a cunt
wanna cry but no point
don’t wanna live don’t wanna die
don’t wanna drift
sounds cliché
and that’s stupid
cliché to feel dejected
then what the fuck am I supposed to feel
man sitting next to me is watching me write this
its frightening him
fuck him I cant help it
fuck everyone
knuckle down
go alone
grit your teeth


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