Bearded, Lonely, Feminism -a bit graphic soz-

I’m pretty pretty
ain’t no zitty nitty
its a pity girls don’t wanna know
not skinny not fat
cool chat, not a twat
and my hairs alright when its not misbehavin
but what’s the point in shavin
prickled throats, goatees and scraggly mos
for girls that i don’t wanna know
tragic cabbage patch hoes with savage young tongues,
who end up sucking, fucking, brain-blowing, average joes, dicks, harrys and toms:
“come on son,
its just dumb fun
shooting cum
lock, cock, smoking gun”
wassat?, none of that crap,
it seems to this chap
that you and your cats,
spot a meat feast,
lying lions lock cock on daddy’s lil wildebeast
and thats fun with a smoking gun?
nah just sounds like dumb cub runts on the hunt

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