Me and My Cat

My cat is loyal as a friend,

We do everything together, we have a good time, I swear!:

A Friday night bottle of bitter, a boogie on my bedroom dance floor

We’re rockstarz,

We’ve got 12 cars,

We’re Elvis with his tassles,

Without the hassle of sex and drugs.

We’re thugs,

We know all the words to ‘Dom Hemingway’.

Me and my cat watch regular shows too,

We loll about and watch TOWIE whilst trying not to swipe left on Tinder,

Which isn’t right.

Me and my cat become astrologers; we look up at the dense suburban sky and make out the stars and try and find meaning in them

Me and my cat sometimes sit in my February garden and finish the usual, tasteless cigarettes

And sometimes we sit at a desk,

with a pen clasped hopefully in our desperate hands,

and write lonely poems together.

My cat is loyal as a friend might be

Although today I can scarcely remember what that’s like


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