cigarette butt blooz

This is just me talking shit cos i was annoyed at something for some reason, soz its a pile of betty swollocks:

rock and roll is less about rolling stones
more about cigarette butts rolling down the road
getting wet and getting stuck in a rut
me watching this whilst sitting on a bench
feeling fat and bored and angry at myself and my friends and the world for letting me get like this
loveless with a shit job and sitting round like a slob filling my gob with crunchy nut waiting for my mates to be free or have money so I can get pissed and forget it all for 3 hours and go home feeling anything but sour
so I go for a walk and sit small and cold in a stale November air watching cigarettes fall into my hand and my mouth and down the road
and my parents care but this doesn’t phase sad old me because “they don’t understand man” to coin an adolescent phrase.
Sundays are the worst because everyone’s even more asleep than normal
which just serves to make me feel that rut like the stuck cigarette butt rolled into is immortal

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